NASA Forecast Model WMS

The NASA Forecast Model Web Map Service (NFMW) is software that runs on a web server and produces custom visualizations of atmospheric forecast data for display in a web browser. The NFMW implements the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) specification.

The NFMW is able to read the output of numerical models that simulate Earth science processes and to produce visualizations of the desired output field(s) showing the geographic area, time and elevation specified by the user. Users request visualizations according to the industry-standard Web Map Service (WMS). The model outputs are in formats such as HDF, NetCDF, GRIB or raw binary. The NFMW code reads data for the desired model run time, forecast time, and field(s), subsets the data to the region of interest, interpolates the data to the specified size, generates a visualization of the data using colors, contour lines or arrows, and sends the visualization to the client. The client is typically a normal web browser. The NFMW code is a combination or Perl and Interactive Data Language (IDL).

Source code: NASA Open Source release permission has been granted for this project. The code will be available soon.

Viewer development courtesy of NASA GSFC Software Integration and Visualization Office and Scientific Visualization Studio.
WMS Server development courtesy of NASA Geosciences Interoperability Office.
Software Developer: Jeff de La Beaujardiere, GSFC 610.3, 301 286 1569.
Responsible NASA Official: Michael Seablom, GSFC 610.3, 301 286 8580.
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