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The following table represents a partial collection of links to published abstracts associated with MAP PIs. PIs are encouraged to provide feedback to the webmaster for additions to or deletions from the list. Thank you for your feedback.

2008 North Atlantic Deep Water Formation in the Labrador Sea, Recirculation through the Subpolar Gyre, and Discharge to the Subtropics
Haine, T., Boning, C., Brandt, P., Fischer, J., Funk, A., Kieke, D., Kvaleberg, E., Rhein, M., Visbeck, M.
09/2008 Kinetics of cloud drop formation and its parameterization for cloud and climate models
Khvorostyanov, I.I., Curry, J.A.
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 65, 2784-2802, doi:10.1175/2008JAS2606.1
06/2008 On the Information Content of the Thermal Infrared Cooling Rate Profile from Satellite Instrument Measurements
Feldman, D.R., Liou, K.N., Shia, R.L., Yung, Y.L.
Journal of Geophysical Research , 113, D111118, doi:10.1029/2007JD0090401
05/2008 Improving forecast skill by assimilation of quality-controlled AIRS temperature retrievals under partially cloudy conditions
Reale, O., Susskind, J., Rosenberg, R., Brin, E., Liu, E., Riishojgaard, L. P., Terry, J., Jusem, J. C.
Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L08809, doi:10.1029/2007GL033002
04/2008 North Pacific Gyre Oscillation links ocean climate and ecosystem change
Di Lorenzo, E., Schneider, N., Cobb, K.M., Franks, P.J.S., Chhak, K., Miller, A.J., McWilliams, J.C., Bograd, S.J., Arango, H., Curchitser, E., Powell, T.M., Riviere, P.
Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L08607, doi:10.1029/2007GL032838
04/2008 Space-based measurements of HCI: Intercomparison and Historical Context
Lary, D., Aulov, O.
Journal of Geophysical Research , 113, D15S04, doi:10.1029/2007JD008715
04/2008 Metrics to describe the dynamical evolution of atmospheric moisture: Intercomparison of model (NARR) and observations (ISCCP)
Tao, K., Barros, A.P.
Journal of Geophysical Research , 113, D14125, doi:10.1029/2007JD009337, 2008
04/2008 Bred Vectors and Tropical Pacific Forecast Errors in the NASA Coupled General Circulation Model
Yan, S-C., Kalnay, E., Cai, M., Rienecker, M.M.
Monthy Weather Review, 136 (4), 1305-1326, doi:10.1175/2007MWR2118.1
03/2008 An estimate of monthly global emissions of anthropogenic CO 2 : Impact on the seasonal cycle of atmospheric CO 2
Erickson III, D.J., Mills, R.T., Gregg, J., Blasing, T.J., Hoffman, F.M., Andres, R.J., Devries, M., Zhu, Z., Kawa, S.R.
Journal of Geophysical Research , 113, G01023, doi:10.1029/2007JG000435,2008
03/2008 Ocean forecasting in terrain-following coordinates: Formulation and skill assessment of the Regional Ocean Modeling System
Haidvogel, D.B., Arango, H., Budgell, W.P., Cornuelle, B.D., Curchitser, E., Di Lorenzo, E., Fennel, K., Geyer, W.R., Hermann, A.J., Lanerolle, L., Levin, J., McWilliams, J.C., Miller, A.J., Moore, A.M., Powell, T.M., Shchepetkin, A.F., Sherwood, C.R., Signell, R.P., Warner, J.C., Wilkin, J.
Journal of Computational Physics, 227, 3595-3624, doi:10.1016/
03/2008 What did the Viking discoverers of America know of the North Atlantic environment?
Haine, T.W.N.
Weather, 63:60-65, doi:10.1002/wea.150
03/2008 Lagrangian diagnostics of tropical deep convection and its effect upon upper-tropospheric humidity
Horvath, A., Soden, B.J.
Journal of Climate, 21, 1013-1028
01/2008 Evaluation of near-tropopause ozone distributions in the Global Modeling Initiative combined stratosphere/troposphere
Considine, D.B., Logan, J.A., Olsen, M.A.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 8, 1589-1634
01/2008 Assimilation of SeaWiFS ocean chlorophyll data into a three-dimensional global ocean model
Gregg, W.W.
Journal of Marine Systems, 69, 205-225, doi:10.1016/j.jmarsys.200.02.015
12/2007 A trajectory-based estimate of the tropospheric ozone column using the residual method
Schoeberl, M.R., Ziemke, J.R., Bojkov, B., Livesey, N., Duncan, B., Strahan, S., Froidevaux, L., Kulawik, S., Bhartia, P.K., Chandra, S., Levelt, P.F., Witte, J.C., Thompson, A.M., Cuevas, E., Redondas, A., Tarasick, D.W., Davies, J., Bodeker, G., Hansen, G., Johnson, B.J., Oltmans, S.J., Vomel, H., Allaart, M., Kelder, H., Newchurch, M., Godin-Beekmann, S., Ancellet, G., Claude, H., Anderson, S.B., Kyro, E., Parrondos, M., Yela, M., Zablocki, G., Moore, D., Dier, H., von der Gathen, P., Viatte, P., Stubi, R., Calpini, B., Skrivankova, P., Dorokhov, V., de Backer, H., Schmidlin, F.J., Coetzee, G., Fujiwara, M., Thouret, V., Posny, F., Morris, G., Merrill, J., Leong, C.P., Koenig-Langlo, G., Joseph, E.
Journal of Geophysical Research , 112, D24S49, doi:10.1029/2007JD008773
12/2007 Climate simulations for 1880-2003 with GISS modelE
Hansen, J., Mki. Sato, R. Ruedy, P. Kharecha, A. Lacis, R.L. Miller, L. Nazarenko, K. Lo, G.A. Schmidt, G. Russell, I. Aleinov, S. Bauer, E. Baum, B. Cairns, V. Canuto, M. Chandler, Y. Cheng, A. Cohen, A. Del Genio, G. Faluvegi, E. Fleming, A. Friend, T. Hall, C. Jackman, J. Jonas, M. Kelley, N.Y. Kiang, D. Koch, G. Labow, J. Lerner, S. Menon, T. Novakov, V. Oinas, Ja. Perlwitz, Ju. Perlwitz, D. Rind, A. Romanou, R. Schmunk, D. Shindell, P. Stone, S. Sun, D. Streets, N. Tausnev, D. Thresher, N. Unger, M. Yao, and S. Zhang
Climate Dynamics, 29, 661-696, doi:10.1007/s00382-007-0255-8.
11/2007 Global budget of CO, 1988-1997: Source estimates and validation with a global mode l
Duncan, B.N., Logan, J.A., Bey, I., Megretskaia, I.A., Yantasca, R.M., Novelli, P.C., Jones, N.B., Rinsland, C.P.
Journal of Geophysical Research , 112, D22301, doi:10.1029/2007JD008459
11/2007 Sampling biases in MODIS and SeaWiFS ocean chlorophyll data
Gregg, W.W., Casey, N.W.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 111, 25-35
11/2007 Variations in Stratospheric Cly Between 1991 and the present
Lary, D., Douglass, A., Waugh, D., Stolarski, R., Newman, P., Mussa, H.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L21811, doi:10.1029/2007GL030053
11/2007 Comment on “a perspective on global warming, dimming and brightening”
Liepert, B., Wild, M., Dutton, E.
EOS, 88, 45, 6 Nov. 2007, p.473
11/2007 Assimilation of SeaWiFS data into a global ocean-biogeochemical model using a local SEIK filter
Nerger, L., Gregg, W.W.
Journal of Marine Systems, 68, 237-254, doi:10.1016/j.jmarsys.2006.11.009
11/2007 Annular modes and Hadley cell expansion under global warming
Previdi, M., Liepert, B.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L22701, doi:10.1029/2007GL031243
11/2007 Further Comment on “a perspective on global warming, dimming and brightening”
Previdi, M., Liepert, B.
EOS, 88, 45, 6 Nov. 2007, p.473
11/2007 Preliminary evaluation of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) Nature Run over the Tropical Atlantic and African Monsoon region
Reale, O., Terry, J., Masutani, M., Andersson, E., Riishojgaard, L. P. , Jusem, J. C.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L22810, doi:10.1029/2007GL31640
10/2007 Intrinsic and forced interannual variability of the Gulf of Alaska mesoscale circulation
Combes, V., Di Lorenzo, D.
Progress in Oceanography, 75 (2), 266-686, doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2007.08.011
10/2007 4D-Var or Ensemble Kalman Filter?
Kalnay, E., Li, H., Miyoshi, T., Yang, S-C., Ballabrera, J.
Tellus A, 59, 758-773; doi:10.1111/j.1600-0870.2007.00261.x
10/2007 Response to the discussion on “4D-Var or EnKF?” by Nils Gustaffson
Kalnay, E., Li, H., Miyoshi, T., Yang, S-C., Ballabrera, J.
Tellus A, 59, 778-780
10/2007 A Synthesis of Global Particle Export From the Surface Ocean and Cycling Through the Ocean Interior and on the Seafloor
Dunne, J. P., J. L. Sarmiento, and A. Gnanadesikan
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, October 19, 2007 (Vol. 21, GB4006, doi: 10.1029/2006GB002907)
10/2007 Climate Response to Projected Changes in Short-Lived Species Under an A1B Scenario From 2000 2050 in the GISS Climate Model
Shindell, D. T., G. Faluvegi, S. E. Bauer, D. M. Koch, N. Unger, S. Menon, R. L. Miller, G. A. Schmidt, and D. G. Streets
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D20103, doi: 10.1029/2007JD008753
09/2007 Thermal wind forcing and atmospheric angular momentum: Origin of the Earth’s delayed response to ENSO
Dickey, J.O., Marcus, S.L., Chin, T.M.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L17803, doi:10.1029/2007GL030846
09/2007 Transport of radon-222 and methyl iodide by deep convection in the GFDL global atmospheric model AM2
John, V.O., Soden, B.J.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L18704, doi:10.1029/2007GL030429
09/2007 Temperature and Humidity Biases in Global Climate Models and Their Impact on Climate Feedbacks
John, V. O., and B. J. Soden
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L18704, doi:10.1029/2007GL030429
09/2007 Sensitivity of stratospheric inorganic chlorine to differences in transport
Waugh, D.W., Strahan, S.E., Newman, P.A.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 7, 4935-4941
08/2007 Modeling and analysis of the variability of the water cycle in the Upper Rio Grande basin at high resolution
Li, J., Gao, X., Sorooshian, S.
Journal of Hydrometeorology, 8, 805-824, DOI: 10.1175/JHM602.1
08/2007 Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in the NASA Seasonal to Interannual Prediction Project Atmospheric General Circulation Model
Lee, M., S. D. Schubert, M. J. Suarez, T. L. Bell, and K. Kim
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D16111, doi:10.1029/2006JD008346
08/2007 Wildfires Drive Interannual Variability of Organic Carbon Aerosol in the Western U.S. in Summer
Spracklen, D. V., Logan, J. A., Mickley, L. J., Park, R. J., Yevich, R., Westerling, A. L., and D.A. Jaffe
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L16311, doi: 10.1029/2007GL030037
08/2007 Ice Polar Stratospheric Clouds Detected from Assimilation of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Data
Stajner, I., C. Benson, H.-C. Liu, S. Pawson, N. Brubaker, L.-P. Chang, L. P. Riishojgaard, R. Todling
Geophysical Research Letters, 34,L16802, doi:10.1029/2007GL029415
08/2007 Global Water Cycle Agreement in IPCC AR4 Model Simulations
Waliser, D.E., Seo, K., Schubert, S., Njoku, E.
Geophysical Research Letters , 34, L16705, doi:10.1029/2007GL030675
08/2007 Geographic Box plots
Willmott, C.J., Robeson, S.R., Matsuura, K.
Physical Geography, 28(4), 331-344, doi:10.2747/0272-3646.28.4.331
07/2007 Decadal variations in the California Current upwelling cells
Chhak, K., Di Lorenzo, E.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L14604, doi:10.1029/2007GL030203
07/2007 Model study of the cross-tropopause transport of biomass burning pollution
Duncan, B.N., S.E. Strahan, Y. Yoshida, S.D. Steenrod, and N. Livesey
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions , 7, 3713-3736, 2007
06/2007 Did the thermocline deepen in the California Current after the 1976-77 climate regime shift?
Kim, H-J., Miller, A.J.
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 37, 1733-1739
06/2007 Atmospheric acetylene and its relationship with CO as an indicator of air mass age
Xiao, Y., D. J. Jacob, and S. Turquety
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12305, doi:10.1029/2006JD008268
06/2007 Uncertainties in global aerosol simulations: Assessment using three meteorological data sets
Liu, X., J. E. Penner, B. Das, D. Bergmann, J. M. Rodriguez, S. Strahan, M. Wang, and Y. Feng
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D11212, doi:10.1029/2006JD008216
06/2007 Effects of Model Chemistry and Data Biases on Stratospheric Ozone Assimilation
Coy, L., Allen, D.R., Eckermann, S.D., McCormack, J.P., Stajner, I., and T.F. Hogan
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 7, 2917-2935, 2007
06/2007 Development of a secondary organic aerosol formation mechanism: Comparison with smog chamber experiments and atmospheric measurements
Olcese, L.E. Penner, J.E., Sillman, S.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 7, 8361-8393, 2007
06/2007 Is Blocking a Circulation Regime?
Stan, C., Straus, D.M.
Monthly Weather Review, 135 (6), 2406-2413, doi:10.1175/MWR3410.1
06/2007 Finding Multiple Basin Modes in a Linear Ocean Model
Vikhliaev, Y., Schopf, P., DelSole, T., Kirtman, B.
J. Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 24(6), 1033-1049, doi:10.1175/JTECH2020.1
05/2007 Stratospheric Gravity Wave Simulation Over Greenland During 24 January 2005
Limpasuvan, V., Wu, D.L., Joan Alexander, M., Xue, M., Hu, M., Pawson, S., and J.R. Perkins
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D10115, doi: 10.1029/2006JD007823
05/2007 Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment Ozonesonde Network Study (IONS) 2004: 2. Tropospheric Ozone Budgets and Variability Over Northeastern North America
Thompson, A.M.; Stone, J.B.; Witte, J.C.; Miller, S.K.; Oltmans, S.J.; Kucsera, T.L.; Ross, K.L.; Pickering, K.E.; Merrill, J.T.; Forbes, G.; Tarasick, D.W.; Joseph, E.; Schmidlin, F.J.; McMillan, W.W.; Warner, J.; Hintsa, E.J.; Johnson, J.E.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12S13, doi: 10.1029/2006JD007670)
05/2007 Summertime Influence of Asian Pollution in the Free Troposphere over North America
Liang, Q.; Jaegl, L.; Hudman, R.C.: Turquety, S.; Jacob, D.J.; Avery, M.A.; Browell, E.V.; Sachse, G.W.; Blake, D.R.; Brune, W.; Ren, X.; Cohen, R.C.; Dibb, J.E.; Fried, A.; Fuelberg, H.; Porter, M.; Heikes, B.G.; Huey, G.; Singh, H.B.; Wennberg, P.O.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12S11, doi: 10.1029/2006JD007919
05/2007 Observationally Derived Transport Diagnostics for the Lowermost Stratosphere and Their Application to the GMI Chemistry and Transport Model
Strahan, S.E.; Duncan, B.N.; Hoor, P
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 7, 2435-2445, 2007
05/2007 Impacts of biomass burning in the boreal forests on tropospheric chemistry and the sensitivity of model results to injection height
Leung, F.-Y., J. A. Logan, R. Park, E. Hyer, E. Kasischke, D. Streets, and L. Yuganov
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12S03, doi:10.1029/2006JD007281
05/2007 Dangerous Human-Made Interference with Climate: A GISS Model-E Study
Hansen, J.; Sato, M.; Ruedy, R.; Kharecha, P.; Lacis, A.; Miller, R.; Nazarenko, L.; Lo, K.; Schmidt, G.A.; Russell, G.; Aleinov, I.; Bauer, S.; Baum, E.; Cairns, B.; Canuto, V.; Chandler, M.; Cheng, Y.; Cohen, A.; Del Genio, A.; Faluvegi, G.; Fleming, E.; Friend, A.; Hall, T.; Jackman, C.; Jonas, J.; Kelley, M.; Kiang, N.Y.; Koch, D.; Labow, G.; Lerner, J.; Menon, S.; Novakov, T.; Oinas, V.; Perlwitz, Ja.; Perlwitz, Ju.; Rind, D.; Romanou, A.; Schmunk, R.; Shindell, D.; Stone, P.; Sun, S.; Streets, D.; Tausnev, N.; Thresher, D.; Unger, N.; Yao, M.; Zhang, S
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 7, 2287-2312, 2007
05/2007 Circulation Regimes: Chaotic Variability versus SST-Forced Predictability
Straus, D.M., Corti, S., Molteni, F.
Journal of Climate, 20 (10), 2251-2272, doi:10.1175/JCLI4070.1
05/2007 Role of the Indian Ocean in the Biennial Transition of the Indian Summer Monsoon
Wu, R., Kirtman, B.P.
Journal of Climate, 20 (10), 2147-2164, doi:10.1175/JCLI4127.1
04/2007 Surface and Lightning Sources of Nitrogen Oxides Over the United States: Magnitudes, Chemical Evolution, and Outflow
Hudman, R.C.; Jacob, D.J.; Turquety, S.; Leibensperger, E.M.; Murray, L.T.; Wu, S.; Gilliland, A.B.; Avery, M.; Bertram, T.H.; Brune, W.; Cohen, R.C.; Dibb, J.E.; Flocke, F.M.; Fried, A.; Holloway, J.; Neuman, J.A.; Orville, R.; Perring, A.; Ren, X.; Sachse, G.W.; Singh, H.B.; Swanson, A.; Wooldridge, P.J.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12S05, doi: 10.1029/2006JD007912
04/2007 Inventory of Boreal Fire Emissions for North America in 2004: Importance of Peat Burning and Pyroconvective Injection
Turquety, S.; Logan, J.A.; Jacob, D.J.; Hudman, R.C.; Leung, F.Y.; Heald, C.L.; Yantosca, R.M.; Wu, S.; Emmons, L.K.; Edwards, D.P.; Sachse, G.W.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D12S03, doi:10.1029/2006JD007281
04/2007 Assessing consistency between EOS MLS and ECMWF analyzed and forecast estimates of cloud ice
Li, J.L., Jiang, J.H., Waliser, D.E., Tompkins, A.M.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L08701, doi:10.1029/2006GL029022
04/2007 Intraseasonal variations of the tropical total ozone and their connection to the Madden-Julian Oscillation
Tian, B.J., Yung, Y.L., Waliser, D.E., Tyranowski, T., Kuai, L., Fetzer, E.J., Irion, F.W.
Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L08704, doi:10.1029/2007GL029471
04/2007 Observed Relationship of Spring and Summer East Asian Rainfall with Winter and Spring Eurasian Snow
Wu, R., Kirtman, B.P.
Journal of Climate, 20 (7), 1285-1304, doi:10.1175/JCLI4068.1
04/2007 Modeling coccolithophores in the global oceans
Gregg, W.W., Casey, N.W.
Deep-Sea Research II, 54, 447-477
03/2007 Space-Based Formaldehyde Measurements as Constraints on Volatile Organic Compound Emissions in East and South Asia and Implications for Ozone
Fu, T.-M.; Jacob, D.J.; Palmer, P.I.; Chance, K.; Wang, Y.X.; Barletta, B.; Blake, D.R.; Stanton, J.C.; Pilling, M.J.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D06312, doi: 10.1029/2006JD007853
03/2007 Effects of Additional Nonmethane Volatile Organic Compounds, Organic Nitrates, and Direct Emissions of Oxygenated Organic Species on Global Tropospheric Chemistry
Ito, A.; Sillman, S.; Penner, J.E.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D06309, doi:10.1029/2005JD006556
03/2007 Air-sea exchange in the global mercury cycle
Strode, S., L. Jaeglé, N.E. Selin, D.J. Jacob, R.J. Park, R.M. Yantosca, R.P. Mason, and F. Slemr
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 21, GB1017, doi:10.1029/2006GB002766
03/2007 Refinements to the Köhler's Theory of Aerosol Equilibrium Radii, Size Spectra, and Droplet Activation: Effects of Humidity and Insoluble Fraction
Khvorostyanov, V.I.; Curry, J.A.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D05206, doi: 10.1029/2006JD007672
03/2007 Why Are There Large Differences Between Models in Global Budgets of Tropospheric Ozone?
Wu, S.; Mickley, L.J.; Jacob, D.J.; Logan, J.A.; Yantosca, R.M.; Rind, D.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D05302, doi: 10.1029/2006JD007801
03/2007 On the “Divergence Problem” in Northern forests: a review of the tree-ring evidence and possible causes
R. D’Arrigo, R., Wilson, B., Liepert, P. Cherubini
Global and Planetary Change, 60 (3-4), 2008, doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2007.03.004
02/2007 Direct Measurements of the Convective Recycling of the Upper Troposphere
Bertram, T.H.; Perring, A.E.; Wooldridge, P.J.; Crounse, J.D.; Kwan, A.J.; Wennberg, P.O.; Scheuer, E.; Dibb, J.; Avery, M.; Sachse, G.; Vay, S.A.; Crawford, J.H.; McNaughton, C.S.; Clarke, A.; Pickering, K.E. ; Fuelberg, H.; Huey, G.; Blake, D.R.; Singh, H.B.; Hall, S.R.; Shetter, R.E.; Fried, A.; Heikes, B.G.; Cohen, R.C.
Science, 315, No. 5813, 816-820, February 9, 2007
02/2007 The Impact of Transpacific Transport of Mineral Dust in the United States
Fairlie, T.D.; Jacob, D.J.; Park, R.J.
Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 41, No. 6, 1251-1266, 2007
02/2007 Antarctic Circumpolar Current Transport Variability during 2003 05 from GRACE
Zlotnicki, V.; Wahr, J.; Fukumori, I.; Song, Y.T.
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 37, No. 2, 230-244, 2007
02/2007 An implementation of the Local Ensemble Kalman Filter in a quasi-geostrophic model and comparison with 3D-Var
Corazza, M., Kalnay, E., Yang, S-C.
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 14, 89-101, 2007
02/2007 Multi-model simulations of the impact of international shipping on atmospheric chemistry and climate in 2000 and 2030
Eyring, V., Stevenson, D.S., Lauer, A., Dentener, F.J., Butler, T., Collins, W.J., Ellingse, K., Gauss, M., Hauglustaine, D.A., Isaksen, I.S.A., Lawrence, M.G., Richter, A., Rodriguez, J.M., Sanderson, M., Strahan, S.E., Sudo, K., Szopa, S., van Noije, T.P.C., Wild., O.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 7, 757-780, 2007
February 2007 The Scripps Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Regional (SCOAR) Model, with Applications in the Eastern Pacific Sector
Seo, H., Miller, A.J., Roads, J.O.
Journal of Climate, 20, 381-402, 2007
01/2007 Chemical cycling and deposition of atmospheric mercury: Global constraints from observations
Selin, N.E., D.J. Jacob, R.J. Park, R.M. Yantosca, S. Strode, L. Jaeglé, and D. Jaffe
Journal of Geophysical Research , 112, D02308, doi:10.1029/2006JD007450
01/2007 Intraseasonal and seasonally persisting patterns of Indian Monsoon rainfall
Krishnamurthy, V., Shukla, J.
Journal of Climate, 20, 3-20, doi:10.1175/JCL13981.1
01/2007 The frequency of extreme rain events in satellite rain-rate estimates and an atmospheric general circulation model
Wilcox, E.M., Donner, L.J.
Journal of Climate, 20, 53-69, doi:10.1175/JCLI3987.1
01/2007 ENSO Amplitude Changes due to Climate Change Projections in Different Coupled Models
Yeh, S-W., Kirtman, B.P.
Journal of Climate, 20 (2), 203-217, doi:10.1175/JCLI4001.1
01/2007 Impact of the Indian Ocean on ENSO variability in a hybrid coupled model
Yeh, S-W., Wu, R., Kirtman, B.P.
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 133 (623), 445-457
11/2006 Monthly Climatologies of Oceanic Friction Velocity Cubed
Klinger, B.A., Huang, B., Kirtman, B., Schopf, P., Wang, J.
Journal of Climate, 19, 5700-5708, doi:10.1175/JCLI3863.1
11/2006 Estimation of interbasin transport using ocean bottom pressure: Theory and model for Asian marginal seas
Song, Y.T.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, C11S19, doi:10.1029/2005JC003189
10/2006 Climate fluctuations of tropical coupled system the role of ocean dynamics
Chang, P., Yamagata, T., Schopf, P.S., Behera, S.K., Carton, J., Kessler, W.S., Meyers, G., Qu, T., Schott, F., Shetye, S., Xie, S.-P.
Journal of Climate, 19, 5122-5174, doi:10.1175/JCLI3903.1
10/2006 Diagnosing the annual cycle modes in the tropical Atlantic Ocean using a directly coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM
DeWitt, D.G., Schneider, E.K.
Journal of Climate, 19, 5319-5342, doi:10.1175/JCLI3888.1
10/2006 Does convectively-detrained cloud ice enhance water vapor feedback?
John, V.O., Soden, B.J.
Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L20701, doi:10.1029/2006GL027260
10/2006 Land information system: An interoperable framework for high resolution land surface modeling
Kumar, S.V., Peters-Lindard, C.D., Tian, Y., Houser, P.R., Geiger, J., Olden, S., Lighty, L., Eastman, J.L., Doty, B., Dirmeyer, P., Adams, J., Mitchell, K., Wood, E.F., Sheffield, J.
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