Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction (MAP) Program


Research at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) emphasizes global change, an interdisciplinary research activity addressing natural and man-made changes in our environment which occur on various time scales from decades to millennia and which affect the habitability of our planet. The research combines analysis of comprehensive global datasets with global models of atmospheric, land surface, and oceanic processes and includes study of past events on Earth such as paleoclimate and the study of other planets as an aid to prediction of future evolution of Earth on a planetary scale.

The latest incarnation of the GISS series of coupled atmosphere-ocean models is now available. Called ModelE, it is a complete rewrite of Model II' physics, combined with greater flexibility and more options. These include better representations of the stratosphere, tracer components and various ocean models.

Model documentation, including the ModelE specification and results from three standard configurations, is given in the following journal article:

• Schmidt, G.A., R. Ruedy, J.E. Hansen, I. Aleinov, N. Bell, M. Bauer, S. Bauer, B. Cairns, V. Canuto, Y. Cheng, A. Del Genio, G. Faluvegi, A.D. Friend, T.M. Hall, Y. Hu, M. Kelley, N.Y. Kiang, D. Koch, A.A. Lacis, J. Lerner, K.K. Lo, R.L. Miller, L. Nazarenko, V. Oinas, Ja. Perlwitz, Ju. Perlwitz, D. Rind, A. Romanou, G.L. Russell, Mki. Sato, D.T. Shindell, P.H. Stone, S. Sun, N. Tausnev, D. Thresher, and M.-S. Yao 2006. Present day atmospheric simulations using GISS ModelE: Comparison to in-situ, satellite and reanalysis data. J. Climate 19, 153-192.

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